Our authors want their books on the market within 90 days and they want a book that is done to perfection.
We publish hardcover books with or without dust jackets and perfect bound softcover fiction, non-fiction, poetry
and children's books.
In addition, Ampersand offers two different design directions for covers, from which author selects one, which will then be refined.
We provide all the support needed for production of a completely professional book under the Ampersand, Inc. imprint, including:
Line editing of manuscript or developmental editing as required
Reading and approving text prior to finalization of printer's files
Evaluating and marking printer's proofs prior to printing
Unique design, including:
  • Selection of appropriate fonts
  • Treatment of page elements
  • Preparation of all files to printer's specifications
  • Two different design directions for body of the book, from which author selects one, which will then be refined
  • Preparation and production of drawings, maps, charts, graphs, family trees
  • Management of all technical requirements including scans of all illustrations and/or artwork to printer's specifications
  • ISBN number and barcode
  • Copyright registration
  • Supervision of printing process
  • Preparation of cover and copy for listing on:
    • amazon.com, including `Search Inside` the book
    • barnesandnoble.com
    • Books in Print
    • Ingram Catalog (bookstore distribution)
    • Print-on-demand
    • Kindle edition (amazon.com electronic book)
    • NOOK eBooks
  • Page on Ampersand site linked to Amazon.com
  • Management of the project to rigid budget and schedule standards