Cover of Donut Day
Donut Day
Iretta Dwyer, Ava Wanderly and Monica Jurik, Illustrators

Donut Day is a true story. Every week Violet and her Dad visited their favorite bakery and made thoughtful decisions about which donuts to buy for the special people in their lives.Mystery, kindness and generosity are key elements of the story. It also teaches an important lesson: caring about others, even those not related to you at all, can be rewarding as well as fun!

About the author
Iretta Dwyer wrote Donut Day to honor her Dad, Jack, who led by example. The story is based on true adventures and reflects the important lessons learned from the way he cared for those he loved. This is Dwyer s book debut. She is a health care professional devoted to fitness, but enjoys an occasional donut, too. She is a graduate of FHC, Woodlands Academy and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Iretta lives in Chicago and enjoys reading stories to her large, extended family. You might find her hand in hand with a child picking out donuts and pastries for those she cares about. Hopefully this story will inspire you to create a donut day in your family!

About the Illustrators

Ava Wanderly, who drew the illustrations for Donut Day, is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been a researcher and illustrator for numerous zoological studies for museums and academies worldwide. Her meticulous attention to detail is reflected in her drawings for this book. Ava lives and works in Chicago, together with her albino ball python, Vlad. 


Monica Jurik provided color for the Donut Day drawings. She is a graduate of Southern Oregon University and later went on to earn a Certificate for Science Illustration from California State University, Monterey Bay. When she was very young Monica started drawing fanciful dragons, usually on the back of her schoolwork. Her recent internship at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History enabled her to recreate ancient creatures from fossils, which was a dream come true. Her sensitivity and understanding of color are reflected throughout this book.

 9 x 7, 36 pages
Published: November 21, 2016
ISBN-13: 978-0997449389


Iretta Dwyer
Ava Wanderly and Monica Jurik, Illustrators

Donut Day is about much more than donuts. It’s about tradition. It’s about family. It’s about love and connection towards others. Although a heartwarming story for kids, I couldn’t help but see myself and my father through Iretta’s eyes in her wonderful tale. Now if only I had a donut! 

Greg Giesen, award-winning author of Mondays at 3 and Creating Authenticity

A wonderful story of multi-generational compassion and empathy.Simple yet powerful. This is how life is made better.

Mike Leonard, Network TV journalist and New York Times best-selling author

Donut Day is a delightful, heartfelt story of a family tradition. Dwyer masterfully brings adults back to their childhood
and reveals to children the meaningful lesson of the joy of giving. Highly recommended for children of all ages!”

Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times best-selling author

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