Cover of The Silver Pearl
The Silver Pearl
Our Generation's Search for Meaning
Jimmy Laura Smull, Ph.D., Carol Orsborn, Ph.D.

The Silver Pearl synthesizes original research, psychological theory, spiritual principles and common sense into one hundred insightful readings. The engaging stories deliver a message that is simple but transformational. The older we become, the more it is possible to achieve our fullest spiritual and psychological potential. At last, in the midst of our seasoned lives, we are becoming wise.

About the Authors

Jimmy Laura Smull, Ph.D.
, a cultural anthropoligist with a doctorate in philosophy of human science, is an authority on adult development. She is also the author of Healing Eve.  Her degree is from Saybrook GrPraduate School and Research Center.
Carol Orsborn, Ph.D. is the author of 15 books related to quality of life including The Art of Resilience and Nothing Left Unsaid. She is a ritual studies scholar with a doctorate from Vanderbilt University.

6x9" 232 pages

Published: 2nd edition (June 1, 2007)

ISBN-13: 978-0976123538


Autora Jimmy Laura Smull, Ph.D.
Autora Carol Orsborn, Ph.D.
"Drs. Jimmy Laura Smull and Carol Orsborn are two scholar-mystics who challenge women to follow their pathway to authenticity. The book provides a step-by-step guide to reinventing your future. The point is simple: Attain your own dream for yourself. Stop living someone else's expectations for your life."
--Jane Glenn Haas, The Orange County Register and Founder of WomanSage, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of mid-life women

"Drs. Orsborn and Smull witness renewed excitement regarding life's possibilities by taping directly into our generation's communal wisdom."
-- Susan Rios, Artist

"This excellent book empowers all readers, regardless of age or gender, by citing women who defied cultural stereotypes about aging."
-- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-author Personal Mythology and the Mythic Path"
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