Cover of 999: A History of Chicago in Ten Stories
999: A History of Chicago in Ten Stories
Richard Fizdale
The story of 999 is the story of Chicago at one of the most pivotal and explosive moments in its history. Set along the city's storied lakefront, 999 details the wealth, greed, power, corruption and even murder that accompanied the rise of arguably the most beautiful and historical residential building in Chicago. Lavishly illustrated and well researched, Fizdale's vivid account of a land grab so extensive that it was contested for more than five decades, sets the stage for the war for what would become Streeterville. He includes fascinating and largely unknown details of the lives of the boldfaced names of Chicago's past -- from the period just after the Chicago fire to the present.

The extraordinary people who lived at 999 -- with a range of personalities, passions, flaws and accomplishments -- boldly influenced the city we know today, including the gangster who left his jail cell at night to visit his pretend wife, the widow who died in a hotel room with $500,000 in her suitcase, the Army officer who chased Pancho Villa across the Rio Grand in his Cadillac touring car, the Rockefeller who married a ghost, the man who saved 60 Jewish children from the Nazis, the couple who turned a broken down Colorado town into Aspen, the German spy, the man who helped win World War II with a welding machine, the anthropologist who invited a live camel into his dining room... among a few hundred others who lived at 999. This compelling and insightful account lays new ground in the continuing saga of a great city and will leave readers marveling at the broad engagement of its residents with American History.

About the Author
Richard B. Fizdale is a former Chairman, CEO and Chief Creative Director of Leo Burnett, one of the largest global advertising agencies. During his time there, Burnett had some of the world's largest clients--McDonald's, Coca-Cola, P&G, General Motors, Philip Morris, United Airlines, Nestle, Kraft, Hallmark and Allstate, among others. After retiring, Fizdale moved into the fourth stage of his life. As a resident of 999, with time on his hands and an itch he had never scratched, he agreed to author the history of this historic building and the luminaries who had lived there as part of a celebration of its 100th anniversary.

Hardcover: 9 x 12" 260 pages
Published: April 15, 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1467545280 

Autora Richard Fizdale
999: A History of Chicago in Ten Stories is a terrific and fascinating book.
--Rick Kogan --Author, Journalist, TV Reporter and Radio Host

Fizdale's beautifully illustrated debut is a labor of love about his home, the architectural marvel 999 Lake Shore Drive in the historic Chicago neighborhood of Streeterville....Throughout, Fizdale's humorous tone adeptly guides readers: John [Kraft] processed, packaged and sold cheese. Then he did it again and again and again....Even wife June got into the act. She was a cheese industry librarian. As Fizdale states in his introduction, history never yields all of its secrets; yet here we have a reconstruction that, though small in scope, uncovers the secret texture of life in another age. Despite its specificity, this history is a small wonder, providing a fun but thorough look into one of Chicago's greatest homes.
Kirkus Reviews

Demonstrating great storytelling flair, and unafraid to poke fun at the past century and a half's wackiest Lake Shore Drive residents, debut author Richard B. Fizdale...takes the history of one distinctive apartment building and broadens it into the tale of an epic fight...that forever changed the face of Chicago. The author's enthusiasm--personally fueled by that fact that he lives at 999--ultimately resulted in a...book packed with historical images, painstakingly researched detail, and rollicking writing. --"
--from ChicagoBookReview.com"

"Chicago native and former CEO Fizdale offers up both a lively history of the Windy City and a somewhat ponderous biography of a condominimum at 999 Lake Shore Drive. ...this well-researched book--replete with archival photography and illustrations--provides an arresting depiction of the formation of Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood and the colorful characters involved in the process. ...for residents of Chicago, Fizdale's unequivocal affection for his home and city will be contagious."
--Publishers Weekly Select
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