Cover of Target
A Pete Thorsen Mystery
Robert Wangard

Pete Thorsen is looking forward to a quiet vacation at Clear Lake. That changes when he meets Cara Lane and she turns up dead the following day in mysterious circumstances. Eyed as a suspect, bad things start to happen when Pete pokes around in self-defense. He's hassled in a bar and told to mind his own business, then put under siege in his law firm when an anonymous tip comes in to his archrival. To cap it off, he's run off the road one night and left for dead. All alone and with the body count mounting, Pete seeks solace in his beloved oldies as he sorts out conflicting leads and goes down blind alley after blind alley. Slowly he begins to zero in on the killer. It all comes together one dark night when a stunning twist of events changes his life--forever.


About the Author

Robert Wangard splits his time between Chicago, where he practiced law, and northern Michigan.  Target is his first novel, but he is the author of a half-dozen crime fiction short stories.  He is a member of Mystery Writers of America, the Short Mystery Fiction Society, and various other writers' organizations.


Paperback: 5 x 8"  312 pages 

Published: March 23, 2010

ISBN-13: 978-0981812694 

Electronic Editions:  Kindle Edition (amazon.com); Nook Edition (bn.com)



Autora Robert Wangard
A Must Read... You know the scene: mist rolling off of a cozy lake in slowly repetitions like a looped film playing back, back, and back again. It is early enough to be light, but the trees shroud the lake in darkness. Of course, there is a body in the lake. Vacation is over. This is how Robert Wangard's debut mystery novel featuring his Nordic descendant protagonist, Pete Thorsen, opens. And although it is a standard, it grows into such a seductive web of intrigue that you can't help but be caught up in its poisonous grip. Pete Thorsen is a go-getter, and that makes him such an identifiable character. His curiosity is an echo of your own. It is easy to project yourself on a guy like Pete. He is a hard working lawyer just looking for a few days on the lake. He is really into his Norse heritage, which gives him a spot of geeky charm. He meets a dashing girl named Cara Lane and they have a semi-good first date. Nothing to write home about. Then, she ends up dead in the lake. Now there is trouble. Pete is suspected, although there isn't much there for the police to go on. The most likely scenario is an accidental drowning. But there are a few things that don't quite add up. Namely, her odd behavior on the date, and the coincidental pattern of similar deaths that follow. Pete smells a rat, but plugging himself into the investigation only puts him in the crosshairs of a growing number of suspects who are looking to keep Clara's death an accident. As the plot twists mount up, Pete also becomes inextricably twisted in a game of cat and mouse, where the cat keeps getting bigger and hairier and faster. Wangard's real strength in the telling of this tale is in his ability to transform a small town murder plot into something that's profoundly different in a way that's completely believable, and leads to a tightly executed convergence of plot threads. Target is fast, fun, and daring in its ability to turn bullets into warheads. Its engrossing storyline and friendly lead character will plant you in your seat from the first page to the last. --Eric Jones
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