Cover of They Said I Couldn't Do It, But I Did
They Said I Couldn't Do It, But I Did
Evelyn B. Echols
Evelyn B. Echols shares lessons from a lifetime of adventures. She was one of America's first and most successful entrepreneurs, founding a commercial travel agency with a great roster of clients who also became lifelong friends -- Joan Crawford, Helen Hayes, Celeste Holm, Jeannette and Winthrop Rockefeller, Edie Davis (Nancy Reagan's mother), Walter Cronkite and many more. At 94 she still lectures, writes, serves on boards and collects awards. Her book is a wonderful tale of a wonderful life, filled with humor and to-the-point advice.

About the Author
Evelyn B. Echols was one of America's first successful entrepreneurs, starting a commercial travel agency in New York City with competitors such as American Express. She spent her career in the travel business, concluding with The Echols Travel and Hotel School, then consulting with schools and universities and lecturing to a wide range of audiences to great acclaim.

  9x6" 120 pages

Published: First edition (December 11, 2008)

ISBN-13: 978-0981812618

Electronic Edition: Kindle Edition (amazon.com) 


Autora Evelyn B. Echols

"Evelyn Echols ranks right up there with the most interesting people I've ever known. The proof of her success was that, when Rotary International finally chose to let down the barriers and admit women to their organization, Evelyn Echols of Chicago was the first woman invited to join their ranks."
--Walter Cronkite

"Ms. Echols is an outstanding motivational speaker. She has a way of relating her experiences that encourages audiences to get out there and get going."
--Gerald E. Hills, Coleman Endowed Professor, University of Illinois
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