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Jo Mullen
Jo Mullen's novel about bipolar disease and its effects on a family reveals the devastation it can cause. The title -- RUINED -- couldn't say it better. Ben, the successful owner of a major construction business, began to deteriorate after a series of very stressful events starting with anonymous phone calls threatening to kill him, his wife and his children; one of his daughters practically died after losing a baby she had carried for six months; his business was hit hard by recession; one of his employees took millions of dollars from the company; and bodyguards were directing his life. This was just the start. As the story evolves, the family goes through the process of losing everything as an uncooperative Ben swings from manic to depressive over a six year period. This story is for anyone who is living with or caring for persons with bipolar disease.

About the Author
Jo Mullen
was born and raised in Colorado with one sibling, surrounded by her mother's large family. She lives in Chicago not far from her children and theirs. Her debut novel is an unflinching account of the consequences of manic-depressive behavior.

Paperback: 6x9" 232 pages

Published: First edition (August 19, 2008)

ISBN-13: 978-0976123583

Electronic Edition:  Kindle Edition (amazon.com)

Autora Jo Mullen
"In no-holds-barred detail, Jo Mullen conveys the horror and heartbreak of living with a bipolar spouse whose mind unravels before her eyes. Her story is illuminating and essential reading for anyone who is dealing with a victim of this debilitating disease."
--Evelyn B. Echols, Past Vice President, Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago

"Suicide can divide a family when survivors look for someone to blame. Blame serves no purpose except to inflict more pain on already hurting survivors. RUINED makes this point very clearly. Loving Outreach for Survivors of Suicide (LOSS) helps survivors incorporate this painful experience into their psychic makeup."
--Rev. Charles T. Rubey, Founder and Director, LOSS

"With bipolar disorder, family and close friends are on the same roller coaster ride that, at times, seems as if it will never end. Early identification and treatment for patient and family is essential not only for symptom control but to minimize the chaos of the 'ride' and its aftermath."
--Fred Miller, M.D., Ph.D., Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

In her new book, Ruined, Jo Mullen has drawn a powerful portrait of Ben, a bipolar man whose personality and sanity are rapidly disintegrating. It is a depiction that is both terrifying and instructive.  His wife, Jessie, displays immense courage and character throughout, and provides a positive model for how to cope with and help a difficult bipolar personality. On the flyleaf of the book, Author Jo Mullen gives nvaluable advice: “To those with a mental illness and to those close to them. Get the best help you can as soon as possible, and don’t take insults and bad behavior personally. They are a result of the illness….God bless us all.” Anyone who is trying to cope with someone close to them with a bipolar disorder is sure to find value and wisdom in this book.
--Rod Clark, Editor and Publisher, Rosebud Magazine
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