Louie the Buoy
Allain C. Andry, III
Illustrated by Tazewell S. Morton, III

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Healing Eve™
Jimmy Laura Smull, Ph.D.

Smull’s anthropological work concentrated on the early developments of bipedal humans and while she was doing this research, “Lucy,” a 3.2 million year old female fossil, was found in Ethiopia. This discovery led to broad discussions of the definition of “First Woman,” the myth of a sinful Eve and how, over thousands of years, certain religions have reinforced her sinfulness by treating women as inferior.

The myth is far from dead. To help readers confront and resolve the consequences of negative messages based on gender, Smull has developed a three-step guide for deciphering whether or not adult authenticity has been impinged by such condemnation. These steps are applicable to any negative or threatening message received during childhood. They lead to a truer understanding of things such as love, ethics and personal creativity.

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Red Money
Ron Janson
A gripping Russian Mob thriller published by SterlingHouse Publisher, Inc. 
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Richard Goldwasser, Ph.D. and Susan Weitzman, Ph.D.
Boomers are not dealing with “retirement” as we have known it. This book cites chapter and verse on “echo careers” and how the Boomer Generation is returning to productive work in almost every field.
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John F. Hogan
Illustrated historical fiction about the violent Pullman rail strike of 1894. The story is a blend of actual and imagined events with characters that are both historic and fictional operating in the context of the Pullman phenomenon, the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, the assassination of Chicago’s mayor, economic depression and smoldering class warfare.
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Terror on the Sound
Ron Janson

A Senator is killed.  His son, who is tortured by the memory of a bad childhood incident with a priest, seems to be living well beyond his means.  Dan Davies, former NYPD Detective, is on the case because of short staff in the beach town where the murder occurred.  He proceeds to untangle the web of family, friends, clergy, politicians and two operatives from the Middle East who plot and execute bombings and more murders.  An especially wicked ending awaits.

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Eye of the Cardinal
Wayne Keesee
In gritty and vivid detail, Keesee tells the story of young Bill Wilder, who encounters his own version of hell in Vietman. He is there to hunt down an insane Ivan Petrov, the KGB agent who brutally murdered his older brother. Wilder’s father, who is in the CIA hierarchy, desperately tries to protect his son, but he is hamstrung by the confidential nature of his intelligence. This complex and horrific tale is drawn from Keesee’s own experience as an Air Force pilot in Vietnam.
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Memory Tricks
Richard Goldwasser, Ph.D., Susan Weitzman, Ph.D. and Suzanne T. Isaacs
Is your memory such that you can hide your own Easter eggs? This little book of 250 quick exercises provides routines for developing a more agile and reliable brain for remembering everyday stuff. Ten Memory Building Techniques are included.
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The French Quarter:
Where Writers Wrote
(and Ate)

Angela Carll
A self-guided walking tour of the French Quarter in New Orleans for those who want to know more about famous writers who lived and wrote there. Includes a map, walking directions, photos and information about Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, Sherwood Anderson, Frances Parkinson Keyes and many others.
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Mañana (set in Mexico)
Anna's Edge (set in Prague)

Julianne Ingles
Two completed novellas about a U. S. artist searching for something (herself, maybe) in foreign lands.
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What Is Hers

Ron Janson
Nothing like a woman scorned. NOTHING!  If, for one minute, Miriam’s ex-husband thought he could get away with dumping her for a younger, more beautiful version of his ex-wife, he was wrong…very wrong. Miriam wants what is hers, and by-god, she is going to get it. Even if she has to X-out her ex.

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Requiem for Rosco

Peter Gallagher
A lurid and contemporary murder mystery in the classic tradition, told from three male viewpoints, with an intense focus on the women in their lives.  Depth of character is a hallmark of this story.  Gallagher developed the detective with the cooperation of the Chicago Police Department, including participation in actual undercover patrols.  His experience in the high risk world of stocks and bonds informs the securities trader--viewpoint #2.  The last is that of 12-year-old Ben Miller, an original and powerful character who locates the witness to the murder of wealthy celebrity, Roscoe Mink.  This is the dark side of Chicago, with ample opportunity to seek revenge.
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Animals Need Zzz's, Too
Patricia A. Britz
An entertaining picture book about the unique ways animals sleep, designed to help parents instill good, lifelong sleeping habits.  Written by former Program Director of the National Sleep Foundation, endorsed by the Foundation and Dr. Meir Kryger, Director of Gaylord Sleep Medicine and author of A Good Night's Sleep. 
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Who Knew?

Sixty Squashes and Dishes
A thorough exploration of winter squashes, along with recipes and stunning photographs.
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