Cover of Goodnight Soldier
Goodnight Soldier
Andrea F. Blair, Rose Tursi - Illustrator

Military families are often presented with unique challenges. Separations from loved ones are one of those challenges. Goodnight Soldier was created as a way for military children to stay connected to their soldier at bedtime no matter how far apart they might be.

Goodnight Soldier
was proudly created by Army spouses for Army families.



Andrea F. Blair is a wife, mother, and lawyer. She grew up just outside of Fort Benning, Georgia, the famed “Home of the Infantry.” Respect for the military was woven into the fabric of her life and became forever ingrained when she married Timothy Blair, an Army officer, in 2015. 

Upon the birth of their daughter, Adelaide, Andrea and Tim realized there would be many nights when Adelaide would not be able to say goodnight to her daddy in person. Goodnight Soldier was created as a way for all military children to say goodnight to their soldiers whenever they are apart.


Rose Tursi worked as an artist in the animation and entertainment industry and later as an instructor of drawing and painting before marrying Neil, an Army intelligence officer. She now creates art primarily from her home studio. 

Being married to the military, Rose is very sensitive to the stresses on families when their soldiers are away on mission and was honored when asked to be a part of this project. Her art is available at TursiArt.com as well as gift shops, galleries and festivals throughout the country.

Hardcover: 10 x 8 32 pages
Published: September 30, 2019
ISBN 13:

Autora Andrea F. Blair
Autora Rose Tursi - Illustrator

“The perfect little children’s book for the entire Army family. Both fun and informative, it will remind all of the uniqueness of military life. For the adult reader it may bring a tear or two.”

Colonel (Retired)
Carlton G. Savory, MD

United States Military Academy
Class of ‘67

Member of the Ranger Hall of Fame