Cover of Playing Games Is Serious Business
Playing Games Is Serious Business
Steve Zucker
Stephen W. Zucker left criminal defense behind and began building Zucker Sports Management in the mid-1980s after Chicago Bears quarterback, Jim McMahon, asked Steve to be his attorney. Over the next 30+ years, Steve developed his business with clients who also became his friends. In the worlds of football, baseball and basketball, he broke new ground as a tough negotiator, setting salary and signing bonus records. His fertile ideas and talent for marketing also served his clients well. Boldface names in sports and entertainment became synonymous with Zucker Sports Management. Steve names the names and paints the pictures of his meetings with Bears management and others. What he did for his clients' careers is the very substance of Playing Games Is Serious Business.

Hardcover: 6.5" x 9.5” 240 pages
Published: First Edition (November 26, 2018)
ISBN 13: 9780999477519
Autora Steve Zucker
"First and foremost, Steve Zucker represented successful people already. That led you to understand he knew what he was doing. Secondly,he had a knack for marketing. He was a wonderful marketing guy. I knew what I wanted to attain at the national level. I thought he was a good fit."
--Deion Sanders, Pro Football Hall of Famer
"Steve has always been an enjoyable person to be around and he was great to work with. He understood the changing world of the NFL in the early years of the salary cap and provided great vision on that front to both his clients and the teams they played for. When I think of Steve I think of someone who is trustworthy, has integrity and his word was always something you could count on."
--Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys
"I have known Steve for almost 30 years. He was my agent during my professional career. He has always been a man of character and integrity. We've become not only friends, but family. This is a required reading. Thanks for sharing your story."
--Richmond Webb, 7X Pro Bowl Team
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