Cover of Park Ridge: Milestones of History
Park Ridge: Milestones of History

A complete and thorough history, these Park Ridge stories document key events in the town’s political, commercial and social development. The idea for this book originated several years ago when the Park Ridge Heritage Committee installed a ring of 33 engraved historic “milestones” around the Camp Fire Girls’ Fountain in Hodges Park, across from City Hall. With Milton Nelson leading the project, the Committee expanded the milestones to 136 stories accompanied by historic images selected to amplify the range of events from the Indian wars, the Civil War, industrialization, World Wars I and II, art, music and leaders who brought Park Ridge to the present day.

About the author
Milton E. Nelson is chairman of the Park Ridge Heritage Committee, a group of volunteers interested in documenting and preserving local history. The Committee was established in 1989 by Mayor Martin J. Butler as part of his Vision 2000 program. Current members Patricia Adlaf, Paul Adlaf, Richard DuSold, Otto Kohler, Brian Lazzaro, Anne Lunde, Joan Mattingly, Nancy Pytel and Warren Wade contributed to the development of this book. Nelson taught history in Park Ridge for 33 years, after eight years of teaching at a private high school in Chicago. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago, which he attended with a full scholarship, earning a B.A. and M.A. in history. He studied under such noteworthy scholars as Donald Lach, Louis Gottschalk, and William H. McNeill, among others. His interest in Park Ridge history was inspired by his students whom he encouraged to research local history for the annual Chicago Metro History Fair. Nelson was Maine South s sponsor of the Fair. 

 8 x 10, 168 pages

Published: November 7, 2016
ISBN-13: 978-0997449372



“It is great to have a definitive history of Park Ridge. My own family has been there since 1925. I was delighted to see how much new ground this book covers, and how in-depth it is in handling familiar subjects.” 

Gary T. Johnson, President, Chicago History Museum


“Using milestones and photographs to zoom in on Park Ridge history, Milton Nelson has drawn out momentous and offbeat tales from the days of Pennyville to Brickton to Park Ridge. His scholarly research and authentication of historic events make this volume the most authoritative history of Park Ridge, Illinois ever written.” 

Paul Adlaf, Past President, Park Ridge Historical Society


"This history of Park Ridge, written by Milton Nelson, Chair of our Park Ridge Heritage Committee, is extremely informative and more fascinating than I thought it would be. It is a great contribution and resource for anyone interested in learning more about our city’s heritage."

Martin Maloney, Mayor, City of Park Ridge